Day 1 of actual classes. 8 hours total. Mind blown by theory. Already.

Actually adjusting well here, made some friends, have somewhat of a social llife. Who would’ve thought?

I dropped out of college, looked to my body as a source of pleasure and rebellion, and marched to change the world.
Steven Seidman

I think I like it here.

I was told by a colleague that I lecture as if I’m doing a Ted Talk. So basically my day was made.

Solitude begins

Hatred begets
begets hatred

I know you don’t think about
my salt skin on your lips
Or how it feels when your leg is wrapped around me in just the right position
For that support and comfort
You don’t think about what that does
for me
to me
Maybe you have forgotten
But I do not
Every single day
I miss it as we drift

Until we are thousands of miles apart
And then you will know
That being complacent was simply due to
Proximity and nothing more

Omg studio version of cecilia and the satellite. Dead. Listening to it all day.

Homesick (White Vinyl LP)- A Day to Remember

Homesick (White Vinyl LP)- A Day to Remember