I won’t lie. Grad school is rough. There’s no time breathe. But when a student comes up to you and introduces herself to thank you for something as simple as recommending a reading, it really puts things into perspective. I belong here.

Do it

In a weird place. Have been for the last month. Love it here, but my traumatic stress has been through the wazoo lately. Oh the joys of grad school.

I love having that one really great friend who periodically checks in just to make sure I’m not dead in a ditch or mentally spent. He just… listens. And supports. True friendship.

This with “So It Goes” instead of “Hack.” new tatty idea

This with “So It Goes” instead of “Hack.” new tatty idea

Opportunity arises and I fall deeper into fear.

I can appreciate someone who will simply mention “if you need to talk I’m here,” even if they don’t totally get it.

Short blurb on male entitlement

I am absolutely tired of this idea that men think I am obliged to adhere to their expectations to soften the blow when I tell them I’m not interested. Besides the fact that I make very clear that my partner and I are in it for the long haul, a friendship doesn’t automatically mean you start dating or are even thinking about dating. This whole friendzoning concept is just an excuse to shed a bad light on people who AREN’T INTERESTED. “Oh sorry, I don’t like broccoli, well I’m just going to eat them anyway.” No. No I will not. Fuck your broccoli and fuck your entitlement.

Caught up with the mentor. Got drunk. Met her friends. Shit talked everyone and everything. It was so great.

Day 1 of actual classes. 8 hours total. Mind blown by theory. Already.