This with “So It Goes” instead of “Hack.” new tatty idea

This with “So It Goes” instead of “Hack.” new tatty idea

Opportunity arises and I fall deeper into fear.

I can appreciate someone who will simply mention “if you need to talk I’m here,” even if they don’t totally get it.

Short blurb on male entitlement

I am absolutely tired of this idea that men think I am obliged to adhere to their expectations to soften the blow when I tell them I’m not interested. Besides the fact that I make very clear that my partner and I are in it for the long haul, a friendship doesn’t automatically mean you start dating or are even thinking about dating. This whole friendzoning concept is just an excuse to shed a bad light on people who AREN’T INTERESTED. “Oh sorry, I don’t like broccoli, well I’m just going to eat them anyway.” No. No I will not. Fuck your broccoli and fuck your entitlement.

Caught up with the mentor. Got drunk. Met her friends. Shit talked everyone and everything. It was so great.

Day 1 of actual classes. 8 hours total. Mind blown by theory. Already.

Actually adjusting well here, made some friends, have somewhat of a social llife. Who would’ve thought?

I dropped out of college, looked to my body as a source of pleasure and rebellion, and marched to change the world.
Steven Seidman

I think I like it here.

I was told by a colleague that I lecture as if I’m doing a Ted Talk. So basically my day was made.