The best part of this trip is seeing my dad genuinely having fun and being happy for the first time since my mom died. He really needed this. Family is what keeps you together and grounded.

Welcome to Vietnam

Where everyone owns a vespa and the direction of traffic doesn’t matter.

Seriously though.

Prof’s master plan for me


Travel to Southeast Asia with my sister
Come back before grad school starts
Go to grad school
Get dat doctoral thing
Become her (basically)

I wish life were that simple.

Can we just recap to over a year ago when I posted this.

Grad school confession

I don’t want to do it for prestige, for name’s sake. The title is appealing but isn’t my motivation. There are plenty of instrumental gains, but really, truly, truly. I want to do it because I love it. You know when you find your niche? It’s kind of carved out and you want to coddle it and foster it into something great. You want to relay it to others, that passion. That’s why I want to do it.
I simply fear that I will become too jaded by the politics of it all.

Ben Gibbard playlists: always appropriate and necessary.

Post undergrad

Went to Europe
Got a job
Going to Vietnam
Accepted into PhD program

Too blessed

Not a grad school reject, so I’ve got that going for me. :)

Love me more
than I know
what to do with
So if it ever runs dry
I have somewhere to turn

It’s a strange phenomenon
to miss you when in your arms
Your warmth enveloping me
But the thought of you no longer here
Sits with me in an unsettling manner
And all I want is for this moment to last
And for tomorrow to never come